Callisto’s Matching System

Callisto detects repeat offenders of sexual assault through a process called Matching.

When a survivor enters into Matching, our system will hold that identity (which could include phone number, social media, email, or more) in escrow until another victim of the same offender comes forward. Any serial perpetrator can be detected, regardless of university affiliation.

When a Match occurs (meaning two survivors independently identify the same perpetrator), both survivors are put in touch with their own legal advocate. This advocate is a Legal Options Counselor, an unbiased third-party attorney, who consults with the survivor on how to achieve their desired outcome.

Paths forward may include survivors confronting their perpetrator directly, reporting to Title IX or the police, pursuing legal recourse, engaging in restorative justice, or publicly sharing their experience. Should both survivors wish, Legal Options Counselors can connect survivors together to collaboratively decide on next steps.

By survivors, for survivors

Our trauma-informed platform relies on input from our team of survivors, and legal and mental health experts, to make Matching as comfortable as possible.

Options and agency

There is no one “right” path. If a Match is found, our Legal Options Counselors are here to help you find the best path based on your unique circumstances.

Safe and secure

We collaborate with thought leaders and experts in cryptography to develop and maintain a system that allows for complete privacy from end to end.

How Matching Works

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Create an entry

You create an encrypted entry of your perpetrator's information, including their unique identifiers (such as social media URLs, phone numbers, and emails) so that we can detect a Match. You will not be asked to add any details of an incident.

If a Match is found

Your information will remain encrypted until there is a Match. If someone else names the same perpetrator, a Callisto Legal Options Counselor will reach out via your preferred contact method to go over the next steps. You will always have control over the direction and level of involvement of your Legal Options Counselor.

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options after a match

Navigating your options

A Legal Options Counselor is an attorney, vetted by Callisto, that will help you navigate your options for taking action. Options may include taking no action for now, connecting with the other victim, going to Title IX, filing legal charges, or going to the press.

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Don't know where to start?
Learn more about your options for taking action after an assault.